Navigating the Wild Contrasts of India – 9 Jaw-Dropping Insights from My Rollercoaster Ride

Recently, I embarked on a wild ride through India at the invitation of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation and their Kolkata chapter. The journey was nothing short of mind-blowing, filled with exchanges with inspiring entrepreneurs and encounters with influential figures from the political and social realms, including the likes of Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Youth Affairs[…]

Will the African tech ecosystem be the big winner of the US- and European demand for tech talent?

The African continent is undergoing a digital revolution that has seen a surge in tech-related jobs and businesses. This has been driven by the rise of mobile technology, increased internet access, and improved educational opportunities. With the increasing demand for technology jobs in Europe and the United States, many African tech talents are beginning to[…]

Working together: health check for teams

The core component of any larger group of people is teams working together. This might be the usual suspects like service and product or sales & customer success or just any other team which interacts on a regular basis. Inspired by Spotifys Squad Health Check model I was looking for a tool to quickly understand the health of two teams working together and did not find any. Hence I drafted our own. […]

Good Head of Technology / Bad Head of Technology (or Head of Engineering)

Please note: I am using the term Head of Technology as a synonym to Head of Engineering. Preface Why am I creating good vs. bad comparisons for various roles? In short: Because it helps me with my recruiting & feedback reflection process and it makes the game more transparent for anyone working with me. The[…]